Astra Foods
Upper Darby, PA
w/ Bill Algie Architect

In this project Maurice Weintraub was hired as a design consultant to develop elevation options for the new home of a meat packing company.

astra01.jpg (24874 bytes)

Elevation Study #1

astra02.jpg (21498 bytes)

The company was relocating to an abandoned grocery facility. The existing street elevation which had been glass was to be closed off.



Elevation Study #2

The client was looking for creative solutions to bring down the scale of the large wall.




astra03.jpg (25271 bytes)

Elevation Study #3

astra04.jpg (940214 bytes)

The five studies shown here use large scale graphics to express the nature of the business beyond.




Elevation Study #4

The bold graphics also serve as advertisement for the business.





astra05.jpg (22925 bytes)

Elevation Study #5