Eagles Mere Bungalow          Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania

This is the design for a small vacation home nestled in the woods.  The 1260 square foot structure has an open floor plan to accommodate social gatherings which have become a signature of the community.  The front entry court and porch, the main room on the ground floor and the rear porch all flow together. 


12 July 2010

View of bungalow from lane on approach.


12 July 2010

Set on a gentle slope the grade falls away to the rear of the home.  The back porch is secluded and provides a perched view of nature beyond. The master bedroom nestled under the shed dormer sits above the porch and offers a similar sweeping view of the woods beyond.

View of bungalow from woods.


Three dimensional renderings like the one to the right were key to the development of the design.  As well they provided a clear image to the client of what to expect.

Please click on the the image to see an animation of the design, another valuable tool in the design process.


Click here for YouTube Animation

Color Study of bungalow from Lane.


12 July 2010

The large back porch, accessed from the main space, is private and provides shelter from the elements.  A pass through window, adjacent to the kitchen sink, adds convenience and charm to gatherings of any size.

View of back porch.


The modest but open floor plan combines living, dining, kitchen and play with ample light entering from all four sides.


12 July 2010

View on entry.


12 July 2010

This view from the kitchenette centers on the living space around the fireplace and the 1-1/2 story chimney which rises up through the space filling the gable end above.  Interior openings to the bedrooms above serve to connect the two floors.  Shutters in the openings provide privacy when needed. 

View from the kitchenette.