Donnelly Residence          Barto, Pennsylvania

This project called for the major renovation to a much loved home.  The new addition, in effect, bridges over the existing structure creating a lofty, light filled space.  The open addition links the key spaces of the home to each other and to the landscape beyond.

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Proposed Addition.


This photograph shows the home before construction began. A conglomeration of three structures the middle portion presumed to be over a hundred years old is a log cabin.  A dining room addition off one side and a full two story addition to the other were added over the years most likely in the earlier part of the last century.

Original Structure.



This picture taken in the old kitchen reveal the layered history of the home.  The original log cabin pokes out next to some old clapboard that had been covered with aluminum siding.  The new living space begins to take shape in the background..

Kitchen during Demolition.


Dan Martin of Blue Lake Builders in the foreground is overseeing the project, and Philip Donnelly, the home owner, in the background remarkably calm.

Old Kitchen from New Living Space.


Here one can see a large portion of the log structure exposed.  Care is being taken to incorporate parts of the log structure in the new design where possible.


Original Log Structure.


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Nearing completion the front of the home opens to the south.  Bands of windows allow the winter sun to penetrate deep into the home.  During the summer the generous overhangs protect the windows from the sun.

View From The Southeast.


The soap stone counter tops are in.  The appliances are soon to follow.


The Kitchen Coming Together.


From the family room one gets a sense of the veiled openness of this transformed home.

View of Loft From Below.


As one comes to the top of the stairs the openness of the loft reveals itself.


Ascending The Stairs


The log walls of the original home, have been exposed and will set the tone for the space.

View of the stair from the kitchen island.


Select this picture to see a video of construction in progress.