Fido's Bedroom
2002 Vassar Show House
Devon, Pennsylvania
In Collaboration with
Devine Designs, Inc.

"Fido's room was one of the most offbeat, creative and fun spaces ever encountered in a Vassar Show House.  Give a high-five and a paw to Eileen Devine of Devon and Maurice Weintraub from Wayne for their combined efforts in creating the back-stairs domain....."






View Looking Up from Fido's Bed


" .....Fido's room contained every doggie accessory known to the canine kingdom, thanks to Braxton's Animal Works - another tribute to this team's imagination, inventiveness and enthusiasm".

by Mary Beth Kelly of
Main Line Today Magazine
June 2002






Fido & his Toys

" the adjoining side room they "just let go....and moved forward."  The pop art mural of a postman's leg dominates the tiny room that's literally gone to the dogs.  The ceiling mural is a blowup of dog biscuits, the padded dog bed shares space with a fire hydrant.  Sweet dreams, Fido."

by Martha Van Artsdalen
News of Delaware County
May 8, 2002







Detail Of Ceiling


"Developing a design around a dog theme, they dedicated the powder room to "Fido" as a dog's bedroom.  Incorporated in the design are collections, stories, art, canine accessories and other aspects of a dog's devotion."

Main Line TICKET
Suburban Publications
April 25, 2002







Detail Of West Wall