Mertz Residence          Newark, Delaware

This residential project started out as a series of additions to the existing structure. The clients enjoyed the modest scale and wanted to maintain its intimate feel.  In the end the original house was demolished.  The new home embodied the character of the original structure.


View of home from street.


The original home is reflected in the new home.  The front door and powder room window are located in the same place.  The center of the turret occupies the corner of the original home.

Original house from street.


Located on a double lot, the eastern side of the home opens to a generous side yard.  The two story window of the living room and loft focus on what is to be a small formal garden.   Towards the rear is a long porch also focusing on the side yard.


View from side yard.


On a relatively busy street visitors arriving by car enter from the back of the home through the side porch.

View of side porch entry.


After moving through the entry hall one enters the living room.  From the living room one can see into the yard and up into the loft.


View of the living room.


Above the living room and entry is an open loft containing a pair of study nooks and a library.

View of loft.


This space located in the turret, described by the client as "spiritual" is used for yoga.  The Moravian star serves as a beacon in the neighborhood at night.


View of the turret ceiling.