North Wayne Storefront
Wayne, Pennsylvania

This commercial project involved the renovation of a 1920's storefront.  The storefront was in disrepair, held together with paint and caulking.  The inefficient single plate glass allowed for tremendous heat loss.  As well the original transoms had been covered.


View of storefront prior to renovation.


The new design incorporated key elements of the original design.  Developing a series of mullions and muntins, and exposing the transom lites help to project a traditional feel for the small towns main street.

View of proposed storefront.


The steady rhythm of the vertical muntins help give scale to the street.


View of proposed storefront looking north.


Here, almost complete, is the storefront occupied.  The facade is constructed of PVC trim, recalling the look of a wood facade.  The PVC is a durable alternative to wood.  Both moisture and insect resistant, the PVC can be painted any color.

View of implemented storefront looking south.


This rendering was produced to help study the scale and proportion of the elements of the facade.


Detailed view of proposed entry.


This rendering was produced to help study the color of the various architectural elements of the facade.

Detail view & color study of proposed storefront.


The upper portion of the building contained a recessed area where a placard once crowned the structure.  Unfortunately there is no known record of the original design.  Here one of the studies for the new placard, both calls attention to the name of the street and the date of the buildings construction. 


Detail view of proposed building placard.