Project for the Sidewater Residence
Gladwyne, PA

This project involved the addition of an entry space to a period modern house.  The new entry piece was to be a tall space constructed in steel and glass.  


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Perspective View of Entry Pavilion

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The entry space was to be contrary to the horizontality of the original house.  In essence the entry served as a transition from the roofless exterior to the compressive horizontality of the interior.



Perspective View of the Entry Pavilion
with the Exterior Wall Removed

The dynamic shape of the entry was a result of the micro context.  To one side was a 1970's addition which became the primary wall in the entry.  To the other side was a series of existing windows that overlooked a small garden.  By angling the addition the garden was preserved and became a feature in the entry.





Detail Plan

Detail Plan of Proposed Entry