Silver Residence
Wyckoff, New Jersey

The primary goals of this project were to create larger 'family spaces" and to create a stronger and more graceful link between the house and the rear yard.  The original house, built in the early 70's, was a standard house plan plopped on the site with little to no connection to its surroundings.  The new addition establishes this connection.

The two wings extending from either side of the house create an exterior room.



silver01.jpg (43318 bytes)

View from the Side Yard

silver02.jpg (60679 bytes)

This 'before' picture clearly presents the problem at hand. The first floor of the house was raised four feet above grade and in essence created a barrier between the house and the yard.

The small windows and the functional rear entry had no relationship to the site.


The House before the Addition

This view shows a graceful set of stairs flowing into the rear yard.  One can also get a better sense of the space between the two wings.

The raised planted beds form a 'soft fence' between the raised brick terrace and the rear yard.







silver03.jpg (57146 bytes)

Main Stair between the House and the Yard

silver04.jpg (42950 bytes)

A view from the green room shows how
the two wings work to create an exterior
room.  The wings come out just far
enough to provide some privacy from the
neighbors to either side.









View of the Terrace from the Green Room

The high ceiling of the green room lets in an ample amount of natural light.  The low wall to ceiling windows open the room and direct your attention to the landscape beyond.








silver05.jpg (51405 bytes)

The Green Room

silver06.jpg (31813 bytes)

A view of the new informal dining area again reflects the openness of the design.  The sliding wood panels in the center of the picture can be open or closed or completely removed and stored remotely.

View of the Dining Area with Sliding Wooden Screens