Louis Sullivan

So would I teach the art of dreaming, as I would teach the science of thinking, as I would teach the value of action.

He who knows naught of dreaming can, likewise, never attain the heights of power and possibility in persuading the mind to act.

He who dreams not creates not.

For vapor must arise in the air before the rain can fall.

The greatest man of action is he who is the greatest, and life-long, dreamer. For in him the dreamer fortified against destruction by a far-seeing eye, a virile mind, a strong will, a robust courage.

And so has perished the kindly dreamer - on the cross or in the garret.

A democracy should not let its dreamers perish. They are its life, its guaranty against decay.

Thus would I expand the sympathies of youth.

Thus would I liberate and discipline all the constructive faculties of the mind and encourage true insight, true expression, real individuality.

Thus would I concentrate the powers of will.

Thus would I shape character.

Thus would I make good citizens.

And thus would I lay the foundations for a generation of real architects - real, cause true, men, and dreamers in action.


Kindergarten Chats and Other Writings
Louis H. Sullivan