Zimmer Master Bedroom
Rumson, New Jersey

Renovation of a master bedroom was the first phase of an involved master plan for this turn-of-the-century shingle style house. 

Careful planning and the subtle shifting of some key walls helped to organize the flow through the suite.   The new construction drew from the existing details found in the mouldings and trim.  Building and through wall shelves were used to expand and open up the suite.



Master Bedroom

View into Sitting Room

Master Bedroom

The photograph to the left shows the entry to the master bedroom suite.   The arched mullion seen in the door was taken from a motif found in important windows through out the house.

The through-wall shelves between the bedroom and the entry serve as both a screen and a visual passage.






View of Entry Vestibule to Suite

The deck adjacent to the master bedroom suite was tucked into the roof minimizing its visual impact.  The custom doors were designed to work within the existing language of the facade.  The doors were intended to look as if they were inserted into the arched mullions.

One steps down to a fiberglass deck which provides a seamless layer to prevent any water from leaking to the porch below.





Deck off Master Bedroom

Deck off Master Bedroom

Detail of Deck

The detail in the railing was drawn from existing railing found on other porches throughout the house.








Detail of Deck Railing