Maurice E. Weintraub Architect

Design Philosophy

While aspects of management and coordination are consistent from project to project the aspects that effect design vary dramatically. Maurice Weintraub's designs are a reflection of the unique set of circumstances surrounding each project. His designs respond to the needs and personality of the client, to the characteristics of a specific site, to the surrounding physical, cultural and historical context, and to the times. By responding to these changing variables, each project takes on its own character, form and expression.

Essential to Maurice Weintraub's design process is understanding and addressing the needs and the personality of the client. To achieve this he strives to develop a personal relationship with each client. "The more I can learn and understand about my clients the better I am able to design for that client." By gaining a clear understanding of their needs and personality, his designs express the client's character and values.

Each new project presents a site with specific characteristics. A critical aspect in the early stages of planning and design involves a thorough assessment of the special qualities of a particular site. Maurice Weintraub's designs work to enhance the special qualities of a site while suppressing the undesirable features. In taking this approach his designs take full advantage of a particular site.

Similar to the individual characteristics of a site, the surrounding physical, cultural and historical context plays a significant role in Maurice Weintraub's designs. Physically, a project located in the mountains would take on a different form than it would at the shore, culturally, a project located in the city would take on a different form than it would in the suburbs, and historically, a project located in a recently developed area would take on a different form than it would in a historical context. Though these examples are simplistic the implications hold true; the context plays an important role in his design.

Time is the final and perhaps the most difficult component to incorporate into a design. If one were to investigate how architecture has evolved over the centuries, they would find that it has changed significantly by reflecting the growth and progress of humanity. Maurice Weintraub strives to reinforce this continuum by designing buildings that are a reflection of our time.

Maurice Weintraub's unique approach to design incorporates all the factors that influence a particular project; his designs are a direct response to and ultimately an expression of the client, the site, the context and the times.


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